Simplify to Multiply Workshop by Rise Up Consulting LLC

Simplify to Multiply Workshop

This course can change your life

Thought you would be farther along by now?

Did you think you would be making more money by now for the countless hours you work?

Spend all day obsessed with that to-do list that gets you no closer to your actual goals?

Find yourself putting out fires and by the end of the day, you're still not getting done what's most important?

Frustrated that you don't have control over your time?

Feel like you're grinding all day, doing activities you hate and wish you could perform them better?

To stop the cycle, you must start prioritizing.
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Simplify to Multiply

I have clients that pay me hundreds of dollars a month to help them align their time, energy, habits, and skill set.  To cut through the clutter and decide the BEST time to do the RIGHT things to make an IMPACT and an INCOME they deserve.  And I'm sharing the secrets I share with them and what I've found to be their biggest issues around time, energy, and attention management. 

I'm sharing the lessons I've learned building a multi-million dollar business that gave me the time freedom to retire at 33 years old.  And I would know a thing or two about doing it the wrong way because my first year in that business I worked 60 hour weeks and made $18,000....the entire year!  But I also know a thing or two about doing it the right way because I created a residual income over $1 million when I retired.

I've created a 4-week online course that's taken years of my personal researching, reading, business and life experience, and simplified it for you.  We are going to break down what you do, why you do it, and how to achieve your most important goals.

Learn from someone who has been there!

If you're ready to save months and years of grinding, performing meaningless work, and start taking control over your time and energy, this is the course you've been waiting for!  You're going to invest 4 hours from the 720 you get over the next month so you don't keep doing the same things and expect different results.  Start living the life you want to create!

And by taking action before May 16th, you can get it with access to an online community and your own workbook for free!

Simplify to Multiply Online Course and Workbook

Join a community of supportive like-minded women as we move through this workbook in a 4 week course. Online course starts May 15th at 7:00 pm CST. Four Wednesdays in a row. Take the time NOW to save months of grinding! You'll get the workbook within 24 hours of enrolling in the course, and the exclusive link to our community soon after!  I'll email you further details to get the most out of this course.  The link to our zoom call by May 13th. 
BUY NOW | $49

Here's the results you will get from this course:

  • Clarity and focus on what you really want.  You can have it all, but not do it all.  I walk you through step-by-step how to say yes to doing the right things and no to doing the wrong ones.
  • You'll start living a proactive life - on purpose!
  • You will create the energy around your purpose to fuel your dreams and make them happen.
  • Start doing more of what you are uniquely gifted to do that you love, and less of what you hate and aren't proficient in.
  • Schedule your work and life around your most energetic times.  Create a game plan for distractions and interruptions. 
Time and energy are limited resources.  Invest in yourself, your relationships, and your career NOW!  

Using what you have has gotten you this far.  To level-up, you'll need to invest in yourself and new skills.  This is hundreds of dollars worth of material and years of experience.  Take out that credit card and show the world how serious you are about becoming more productive today! 

Client Testimonials

"After finishing the Back to Basics Business Course with Rebecca it is no coincidence that I also achieved my best month ever in my MLM business!  In addition to my increased income, I learned valuable tools that will carry the momentum I've gained into the new year...." 
Amber S
"Rebecca is a gem! She’s smart, fun, and so easy to talk to! Her coaching skills are incredibly helpful and she has a great way of being able to break down the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. I have already seen results since I’ve implemented her advice with my social media. I can’t wait to follow through with everything she has taught me!"
Angela T

Our Mission

To empower business owners, employees, and organizations with the tools and confidence to build a business they are proud of, while doing so with integrity and grace. 
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